Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Bitter Break

The holidays flew by and before I knew it, before I was ready, school was back in session.  During the day, in addition to doing my own work, I filled in for a coworker who is retiring. I was busy in the evenings taking my youngest to basketball and swimming and I also had to volunteer 10 hours one weekend at the swim meet. Quite a few hours were spent reading and judging short stores for the Scholastic Writing Awards another weekend. Then Aaron got a concussion while we were getting Damian ready for winter formal. I needed a break and boy, did I get one! A polar vortex affects 27 states and school was cancelled for 5 days straight.

Over the past week I accomplished a lot. Some of the unfun stuff I did was work on medical reimbursements and get the paperwork gathered for taxes. But to be honest, most of my time was doing things I enjoy.  I played some board games with the boys, cheered at several of their basketball games, took pictures of the frozen lakeshore, snowflakes, and attempted to freeze bubbles. Had to see and try things for myself; even threw boiling water up in the air. I also applied for an artist residency in Washington and submitted a photo for the Hoosier Women Artists contest, updated the MHW blog, and edited a ton of photos from our last vacation. I wouldn’t have had time to do half of that without the week off.

It’s supposed to warm up now so I hope to walk the frozen ditch behind us tonight and maybe visit my favorite lighthouse in Michigan tomorrow after work. I need to experience a little more of the magic before it’s all just a pile of slush.

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