Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snow Business

Chicagoland officially survived the winter. I didn’t think it would ever end, and if you look outside it doesn’t seem like it has yet; there is STILL snow on the ground. I don’t remember a colder or snowier winter. That’s all the past four months have been about it seems – the weather. We had seven snow days which extended the school calendar by a week, even with a few pardons. The temps were sub-zero, the roads were treacherous, and snow and ice kept piling up layer after layer. The deep freeze and several blizzard conditions encased buildings and trees in ice for weeks on end. …I never really wrote about any of it until now but I certainly talked about it and took pictures. It was deadly but beautiful. It even inspired me to book a condo in Florida so that is where we are heading in two days for spring break. We are not doing Disney; we are just going to enjoy the environment. My family and I are going to fish, snorkel, visit the Everglades, kayak, and just lay on the beach. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be trading one extreme for another.

As I mentioned, I haven’t been writing much. I have had a few ideas and still have plans to finish projects and submit but I’ve been preoccupied with the winter and our vacation. I did accomplish one goal early on this year. I got the nature books into the two stores as I had hoped. The Indiana Welcome Center and Center for Visual and Performing Arts gift shops both have copies on their shelves. It would be nice if some of them sell.

The Ladies Auxiliary St. John VFW Family Dance was in late January. This was our 10th year. The weather affected the turn out but everyone who did attend had fun. I keep promoting events through the post Facebook page and did get the details and some photos in the paper again this year.

Finally, I have some photography news. One of my photos will be on display all summer at the Indianapolis International Airport. I was real excited about this one; they obviously have a lot of traffic. Travelers from all over the word will see the exhibit which is sponsored by the airport and The Nature Conservancy/Indiana.