Sunday, April 29, 2018

Give me a High Five!

Highlights High Five Magazine that is. Highlights published my poem “Hello Hoots” in the High Five April 2018 edition. I received a thank you and two complimentary copies in the mail. A couple of my friends even sent me a photo of their child holding up the magazineJ. It was a long journey but I’m very happy I am finally a part of the Highlights team. I love the illustration by Michael Slack and wrote him a little note to tell him so. Looks like he is quite an accomplished artist!


This spring I have been busy submitting to poetry and photography contests and to the editor of the latest edition of From the Edge of the Prairie book. I even applied to a few artist residencies. Now that my kids are older I have the ability to travel for workshops and photoshoots, etc. A residency would give me the opportunity to really focus on my work in a new place for a few weeks at a time without interruptions and distractions. Some provide travel reimbursement and a stipend. Wouldn’t it be nice!