Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Waiting Game

When I was younger I prayed and waited for the really important things to happen. I waited for a boy to notice me, a different boy to ask me to prom. I never got a note or wink, never got asked to the dance, so eventually I learned to take a deep breath, fake confidence, and try my best to make things happen. For the most part being bold and “confident” has worked out for me. I’ve initiated relationships, played different sports, and joined several clubs. I’m grateful for nearly every experience. I have submitted poems and pictures to magazines, entered poems and pictures in contests and have had a fairly good success rate with that as well over the past eight years. Since I have always sought approval and acceptance certificates and ribbons keep me happy. Being a part of an exhibit at an international airport and a full page spread in a well-known magazine keeps me especially motivated to continue and push for more.

I won $500 and a full page spread!

photo Sammy's mom took when he found his picture

Similarly, I have applied to numerous jobs in the school corporation (and went on countless interviews) since becoming a paraprofessional five years ago. Be patient and persistence pays off, I repeated to myself every time I went through the hassle of online applications and updating my resume. I also reminded me that on at least two occasions I was told I was close, very close, like second. That gave me a boost, a little more real confidence, and the drive to keep me going. Success doesn’t happen overnight and waiting is never easy. Maybe that’s why I always have a lot in the fire. Maybe what I wanted wasn’t meant to be now - but there is always later, always next time. Stay positive.

So here I am. In August I started a new job (with better benefits) and in September I found out one of my children’s poems finally has a publication date. (I had been hoping and waiting for that news for over 2 years). Next month I’ll hear about a few more things I’ve been working on. Rejections suck but I’m ok with them because at least it means I tried. I won't have to look back with regret because I was too self-conscious or scared of failure.

To sum it up: I’m excited for the future and endless possibilities. Good things are always worth the hard work and always worth the wait.

Ike's graduation announcement with the photos I took.

Binder I made for his graduation party