Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just Around the Corner

Football has ended. I had three boys on three teams – and next year might be worse – (four on four!) but boy, was it an exciting fall. Now that I have some evenings free I plan to catch up on a whole bunch of projects and maybe even relax a bit.

Even though I was busy with the kids and work I kept taking pictures, writing, and submitting all kinds of things. When I think about it, it is mind boggling.
* I had two photographs displayed at the Indiana Welcome Center in August and September. I was so happy with the whole experience and felt extremely honored to be part of the Reflections Exhibit, my first.

* I finally got a chance to set up a Facebook photography page and also put photos on Redbubble. I have had several positive responses and have been busy taking portraits for people ever since. I have had luck with the weather and lighting, splendid fall colors, and of course my clients are beautiful inside and out.
* Another first – two of my mounted nature prints were auctioned off a couple of weeks ago at the 7th Annual Ladybug Bash Banquet in Chicago and I got to meet some of the bidders. Proceeds went to the Midwest Pesticide Action Center so I feel everyone benefited.
* This past Wednesday I headed down to Rensselaer for a book signing party. The latest edition of From the Edge of the Prairie is hot off the presses. I have three pictures and poems in this year’s book.
* I did well in the Lake County fair (4 ribbons), just finished working on the cover for the latest Hoosier Horizon Magazine due out in December, and submitted some poems and craft ideas to a kids’ magazine.

* I will have three poems and photos featured in Naturally Yours – Poems and Short Stories about Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs. Proceeds from the sales will help the environment. I wrote about my favorite places: Tippecanoe State Park, The Indiana Dunes, and Shades State Park.
So to recap, I know I accomplished a lot in the last four months but there is still so much more out there. I feel like I’m still taking steps that will lead me to something bigger – I hope so anyway. I hope I am heading in the right direction and real success is obtainable. …Part of me gets frustrated because so many of my friends are published now. I just don’t have the time I need to polish and finalize my bigger projects; I need to work on that, finding more time somehow. For the most part though, their accomplishments inspire me and I’ll keep the faith that their experiences will help me achieve my goals.