Friday, November 19, 2010

Are you a poet?

Last Thursday it was sunny and unseasonably warm, maybe 60?; a very nice November day in Chicagoland anyway. (We have been having the best weather ever, so I have been taking advantage of it.) Anyway, I had some time to kill between tumbling classes so I jogged for a bit at the fairgrounds. Then I noticed that it was YARD SALE EXTRAVANGA day! So I had to stop in, (even though I was far from looking my best).... Maybe I'd find some Christmas bargains and start my shopping early this year. About one minute after I entered the building I was approached by a young woman. "Are you a poet!?!", she asked me skeptically.

I did not know how to answer her. A poet? Me?, ...I then asked myself: Where? How? (maybe she saw me on David's site???)

"My daughter recognized you, but at first I thought she was mistaken", she explained. "She said you came to her school last week... Let me tell you, she is a Kindergartener, and I also have a First Grader. Both of them saw your PoPP presentation. They are SO excited about writing and submitting a poem for your contest!" ...

So I told the lady her daughter was correct. I thanked her for approaching me and wished her children good luck!

I felt like a celebrity for the rest of the afternoon... What a wonderful day!