Thursday, September 1, 2011

About The Times

Earlier this summer I submitted a brief article and some photos to the NWI Times newspaper. It was printed the community section Aug. 18th. They included a photo I took and one taken by Kathryn, who is the president of IWC. I'm happy that so many local writers' groups attended and got publicity through the article. It was a lovely event.

This year I entered six photos in the Lake County Fair in the advanced catagories. I was very pleased that four won ribbons and prize money. I am planning on entering more prints into competition for the Calumet Region Photo Club and digitally to CACCA (Chicago Area Camera Club Association).

Submissions are due this month for Hoosier Horizon Magazine and the Northwest Indiana Poetry Society Magazine so I have been busy trying to figure out what to send in. My next goal will be to write more and polish some other poems for my animal picture & poem book and finish editing and illustrating a short story I started two years ago.