Monday, May 27, 2013

Winter and Spring Recap

Last fall my youngest son started all-day kindergarten. I had big plans. I was going to catch up on some writing projects I started long ago, other household projects that had been put on hold, learn more about my camera and photo editing, and clean. I was going to clean out the closets, clean up my document and photo files, delete old e-mails -- basically declutter and simplify everything. I also wanted to renew my substitute teaching license so I could earn some extra cash and get out of the house once in a while. I accomplished a few goals and worked two days a week the first semester but then a full-time position opened up at one of the schools I was working at. I already knew and liked the teachers and students. I would get some paid days off plus all school breaks and summer vacation. The offer was too good to refuse, so I couldn't.

Since January I have been really juggling my responsibilities. I was always very busy but now I'm close to overwhelmed. I love my new job ,and my hobbies, and volunteer work so it is hard to say "no" and not keep on taking on the things I've always done. Plus I have the four boys and their activities; I want them to be able to be in sports and participate in school clubs, etc. I shouldn't complain though because although it was a long and busy winter a lot of good things happened.

First, I submitted a photo to NBC Chicago and it not only got on the 10:00 news but also was printed on the Chicago Sun Time Weather page the next day. Then the Town Planner calendars came out and I was happy with the end product. I have photos in nine different calendars this year. Finally, the 9th Annual Ladies Auxiliary Post 717 Family Dance was fun and well attended. We raised over $800 for our veteran's programs.

I have cut back some but managed to submit to the Prairie publication, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies Spring Contest, and photos to several Calumet Region and Chicago Area Camera Club competitions. I am also a U6 soccer coach for my youngest son's team again. Just last month I was surprised to see one of my poems was published with the photo in the April Family Flyer Magazine. It is "a welcome guest in 113,000 homes!" around the Lake and Porter County areas. And as for the PoPP children's poetry contest: the entries were judged, the magazine was printed, and the April awards assembly has come and gone.

So some things have been on hold; I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to these past several months. I didn't get back to those watercolor paintings or get to those neglected areas in my house and delete and/or organize the mega-billion-bytes of electronic mail and pics and files that are hanging around and stored everywhere but there is always tomorrow, or the weekend, or SUMMER!